Type Foreign Languages With Confidence

Who are the LanguageGenies?

LanguageGenies is a team of five partners excited and passionate about helping others save time and produce quality work, while supporting multilingualism and global communication.

We are designing and prototyping affordable, easy-to-use typing products that eliminate the many inconveniences and frustrations associated with alternative typing strategies.

Do you offer a free trial of SpanishGenie?

Yes! You can download and use SpanishGenie for free for 14 days. After the 14 day free trial, you can purchase the product for only $12.

We are convinced that you will love our product, but if you don’t, contact us and let us know why!

How does SpanishGenie work?

SpanishGenie enables users to type accented letters (á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ) and symbols (¿, ¡) with simple long-presses (hold down the relevant letter key for less than 0.05 seconds longer than you normally would).

Without any headache or memorization, SpanishGenie software enables faster, more grammatically correct Spanish typing.

What websites or applications will SpanishGenie work on?

All of them!

The software watches the user’s activity on the keyboard (or mouse, or touch screen) and sends their special letter, character, or symbol to their document (e.g., word processor) or application (e.g., browser).

Is SpanishGenie compatible with apple products?

Not yet. SpanishGenie is available for PCs, and we are working hard on perfecting the mac friendly software.

If you are interested in using SpanishGenies on a mac, let us know!